Event Details:
Todd Petersons Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles Round: 1 Date: Saturday, January 19 Event Type: Hare Scrambles Online Registration Closes: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 Once registration closes, you can still register in person at the event.

Presenting Sponsor('s):
Ridenow Powersports
So great to have our good friends at Ridenow Powersports supporting the AZOP Racing offroad events again for 2019.
Support from great companies like Ridenow is what allows AZOP to continue to bring bigger and better events while keeping racing very affordable for the racers.
Next time you visit one of the many Ridenow locations please let them know how much you appreciate their support of offroad racing in Arizona. These events aren't possible without them.

SinFab Industries (formerly Sinister Fabrication)
SinFab is not only a great sponsor, supporting offroad riding and racing in Arizona, but also a fellow racer of those of you racing a UTV with AZOP Racing.
If you are racing or just enjoy playing in your UTV, SinFab has everything you need for all makes and models. From complete custom fabrications or just some upgrades to your ride, SinFab should certainly be on the top of your list for quality upgrades.
If you are wanting to know about racing your UTV at one of our events, they will have all the information you need to get started. It's much easier and affordable than you may think.
Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate all they do to support offroad racing and fun weekend riding.
They just built a brand new, state of the art facility. Stop by and let them know how much you appreciate their support and check out their amazing new facility.
Event Registration:
Motorcycle registration is closed. But do not worry, you can still register at the track.

ATV registration is closed. But do not worry, you can still register at the track.

Event Directions:
Directions: Hwy 60 through Wickenburg stay on Hwy 60 to Vulture Mine Road go left, approx 10 miles follow signs.

Event Info:
The credit card machine does not work at the vulture mine race so it is cash only at the event.

Gate: Friday 2pm-10pm, Sat/Sun 6am-10pm

Registration/Tech: Friday 6pm-8pm at the track/Sat/Sun 6am-9am

Gate Fees: Per Day $10 per adult, $5 Youth 6yrs-12yrs , 5yrs under Free

Camping Fee: $20 per vehicle for the weekend.
Fires must be in a metal fire container

Transponder: $10

Entry Fees: Bikes/Quad/Trike Entry Fee $85
Pro Bike/Quad $120,
Minis $55
PeeWee $45
UTV $145
UTV PRO $245
Co-Drivers $25
Trucks/Buggies Sportsman $400
Trucks/Buggies Pro $600 Sportsman
Unclassified $25
(Entry Fees Includes BLM Recovery Cost Fee)
Event Promo Video:
Video is coming soon!
Event Schedule:
Mandatory Riders Meeting7amBikes/Quads
Practice7:30amParade Lap Mini Bikes/Quads1 Lap
Practice7:30amParade Lap Bikes/Quads1 lap
Race 18:00amAll Peewee Bikes30 min
Race 28:40amPeewee Quads30 min
Race 39:20amUTV 170cc/Trophy Karts30 min
Race 410:00amMini Bikes/Women C/Vintage1 Hr
Race 511:00amMini Quads1 Hr
Race 612:00amBikes3 Laps
Race 72:30pmQuads3 Laps
Must be on the starting line no later than 7:45am to be allowed to do the practice (no refunds)
Mandatory Riders Meeting7amTrucks/Buggies/UTV’s
Practice7:30amParade Lap UTV 5701 Lap
Practice7:30amParade Lap UTV1 Lap
Practice8:45amParade Lap Trucks and Buggies1 lap
Race 18:00amUTV 570cc30 min
Race 210:00amUTV4 Laps
Race 31:00pmTrucks and Buggies4 Laps
Must be on the starting line no later than 7:45am to be allowed to do the practice (no refunds)
*All race times are approximate – the next race will start when the course is clear and safe for everyone. It is your responsibility to be ready and on the line when your race starts.
Camping and Pit Rules:
  • Must wear helmet all times.
  • Contained campfires in metal container only.
  • Keep pets on a leash.
  • No children on bicycles near the race course.
  • No flying Drones without AZOP’s Permission.
  • Please pick up all your TRASH and take it home with you.
  • Read the Rules on our website before you race. www.azopracing.com
  • T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts will be for sale at the AZOP registration trailer.
  • Be respectful to registration and scoring personnel we will not tolerate yelling and rude behavior.
  • Pit area on the course is 5 MPH - you can be penalized for speeding thru this area during the race.
  • 5 MPH through Scoring Chute and in front of AZOP Trailer - you will be penalized for Speeding.
  • Do NOT go in front of the scoring trailer to talk to personnel, if you have a question or problem with scoring you MUST go to the Registration table. Do NOT talk to scoring during the races.
  • If you have a protest or questions with results our Referee Dan Rees will handle it.
  • Do NOT go onto the race course - Must stay 25’ behind the course.
  • There will be a 30 minute protest period after race results are posted no exceptions. You MUST Wait!
  • We will have several sweep riders and watchers all over the course, so make sure you stay on the marked track or you will be disqualified for cutting the course.
  • If there is a downed rider PLEASE make sure you stop to make sure they are ok and let the sweep rider or next check point know what mile marker they are at.
  • Thanks for coming have a great time and have fun. We want everyone to be SAFE and enjoy the races.
Event Flyer:
Gold Sponsors:
RideNow SinFab LoneStar
Silver Sponsors:
GoAZ UTV Bolt Onz 4Seasons PCIRadio Rockford DragonFire Superior
Bronze Sponsors:
ABC B&B Antelopes Extreme BPGraphics 50Caliber RockAuto Nash WeiCool Fly Glow CactusJack DialIn Motocity Baja-D MRT viking Bell collision Slime carli STI