Event Details:
Yuma Grand Prix Round: 4 Date: Saturday, March 28 & Sunday, March 29 Event Type: Grand Prix Online Registration Closes: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Once registration closes, you can still register in person at the event.

YUMA Conditions
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Event Registration:
Motorcycle registration is closed. But do not worry, you can still register at the track.

ATV registration is closed. But do not worry, you can still register at the track.

UTV registration is closed. But do not worry, you can still register at the track.

Event Directions:
Directions: 3450 E County 15th St Somerton, Arizona 85350

Event Info:

Location: Cocopah Speedway – Yuma AZ

Date: March 28-29, 2020


2 days of racing (points for both days) You can Race one day or both.

Gate: Friday 2pm-10pm, Sat/Sun 6am-10p

Registration/Tech: Friday 7pm-9pm at the track, Saturday 6am-12pm, Sunday 7am-12pm

Registration Fee:

2 Day Grand Pre Entry Fees:

Big Bikes/ATV $65 one Day/$120 two days

Bike/ATV Pro $100 one day/$200 two days

Mini Bike/ATV $50 one day/$90 two days

PeeWee Bike/ATV $40 one day/$70 two days

Bike/ATV Unclassified $20 (Saturday only)

Mini Bike/ATV Unclassified $10 (1 lap) (Saturday only)

UTV 170cc/250cc $60 one day/$110 two days

UTV 570cc $80 one day/$150 two days

UTV $100 ond day/$190 two days

UTV Pro $200 one day/$400 two days

Co Driver $30

UTV Unclassified $20 one day (Saturday only)

UTV 570 Unclassified $20 one day (Saturday only)

Gate Fees: Per Day $10 per adult, $5 Youth 6yrs-12yrs, 5yrs under Free

Camping Fee: $20 per vehicle for the weekend. Fires must be in metal fire container

Event Promo Video:
Event Schedule:

Race Times Saturday

Practice 7:30am Bikes Unclassified (Minis one lap) 20 Min

Race 1 8:00am UTV 170cc/250cc 30 Min

Race 2 8:40am Pee Wee Quads 30 Min

Race 3 9:20am Pee Wee Bikes 50cc/65C 30 Min

Race 4 10:00am All Big Bikes 50 Min

Practice 11:00am Quads Unclassified (Minis one lap) 20 Min

Race 5 11:30am Mini Bikes 80-150cc, 65A/B/ Women C /Vintage 40 min

Race 6 12:20pm Mini Quads 40 Min Practice 1:10pm UTV Unclassified (570cc one lap) 20 Min

Race 7 1:40pm Big Quad/Trikes 50 Min

Race 8 2:40pm UTV 570cc 40 Min

Race 9 3:40pm All UTVs 50 Min

Must be on the starting line no later than 7:45am to be allowed to do the practice (no refunds)

Race Times Sunday (No Practice on Sunday)

Race 1 7:30am Mini Quads 40 Min

Race 2 8:15am UTV 170cc/250cc 30 Min

Race 3 9:00am Pee Wee Quads 30 Min

Race 4 9:40am Pee Wee Bikes 50cc/65C 30 Min

Race 5 10:30am Big Bikes 50 Min

Race 6 11:30am Mini Bikes 80-150cc, 65A/B/ Women C /Vintage 40 Min

Race 7 12:20pm UTV 570cc 40 Min

Race 8 1:15pm Big Quad/Trikes 50 Min

Race 9 2:30pm UTVs 50 Min

*All race times are approximate – the next race will start when the course is clear and safe for everyone. It is your responsibility to be ready and on the line when your race starts.

Camping and Pit Rules:
  • Must wear helmet all times.
  • Contained campfires in metal container only.
  • Keep pets on a leash.
  • No children on bicycles near the race course.
  • No flying Drones without AZOP’s Permission.
  • Please pick up all your TRASH and take it home with you.
  • Read the Rules on our website before you race. www.azopracing.com
  • T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts will be for sale at the AZOP registration trailer.
  • Be respectful to registration and scoring personnel we will not tolerate yelling and rude behavior.
  • Pit area on the course is 5 MPH - you can be penalized for speeding thru this area during the race.
  • 5 MPH through Scoring Chute and in front of AZOP Trailer - you will be penalized for Speeding.
  • Do NOT go in front of the scoring trailer to talk to personnel, if you have a question or problem with scoring you MUST go to the Registration table. Do NOT talk to scoring during the races.
  • If you have a protest or questions with results our Referee Dan Rees will handle it.
  • Do NOT go onto the race course - Must stay 25’ behind the course.
  • There will be a 30 minute protest period after race results are posted no exceptions. You MUST Wait!
  • We will have several sweep riders and watchers all over the course, so make sure you stay on the marked track or you will be disqualified for cutting the course.
  • If there is a downed rider PLEASE make sure you stop to make sure they are ok and let the sweep rider or next check point know what mile marker they are at.
  • Thanks for coming have a great time and have fun. We want everyone to be SAFE and enjoy the races.
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RideNow Rowley Road House Hide Away Schampa
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Nash Five18Designs Superior
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GoAZ Motocity MRT SinFab Page Honda Renegade Offroad SunSet Moto Mutts Mobile Star
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